The 32nd Assembly of the Union Of African states Opens In Addis Ababa

(120129) -- ADDIS ABABA, Jan. 29, 2012 (Xinhua) -- Photo taken on Jan. 29, 2012 shows the site of the 18th African Union (AU) Summit in Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia. The 18th African Union (AU) summit opened on Sunday in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, as African leaders gathered with the theme of "Boosting Intra-African Trade." (Xinhua/Ding Haitao) (lr)
Horndiplomat-The 32nd Assembly of the Union Of African states Opens In Addis Ababa today, February 10.
 In recognition of challenges and prevailing need to recognize links between displacement and peace and security and the development dimension, the 32nd African Union (AU) heads of state and government summit opens today under the theme of the year 2019: “The Year of Refugees, Returnees and IDPs: Towards Durable Solutions to Forced displacement in Africa”, which will be launched in open session today.
African heads of state and government, the AU leadership and officials of the AU Commission and AU organs, representatives of partner organisations, the diplomatic corps, and invited guests will attend the opening ceremony.
Highlights of the Assembly meeting will include: deliberations on the institutional reform of the AU; the African Continetal Free Trade Area; the implementation of Assembly decision on the post Cotonou negotiations; reports on peace and security; reports of chairpersons of the commitees of the Assembly; and reports of the leaders on specific thematic issues. The Assembly will consider and adopt the draft legal instruments and witness the inauguration of the statue of Emperor Haile Selassie, one of the founders of the Organisation of African Unity- predecessor of the African Union. It will also hold elections for the bureau of the Assembly of the African Union for 2019 and of the Chairperson of the African Union for 2020.According to African Union

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  1. Africa requires internal and external resources but with productive mindset. The ardent enemies of us are having brittle hope, embazzelement, corruption, theft and the consequential poverty. So what we are awiting for? The choices are assumed to be struggling and winning the enemies or else being captive. Add me please. Thank you.


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