Ethiopia:ONLF Calls Federal government and ruling party to respect the wishes and dignity of the Somali people

Horndiplomat-Amid reports of “coordinated efforts” to oust newly appointed President of Somali regional state Mustefa Omer, the ONLF issued statement calling “both the ruling party & the federal government to respect the wishes & dignity of the Somali people”
The following statement was issued todayby ONLF
The Somali people in the Somali regional state(Ogaden) have a legal right to manage their political affairs and full self-rule upheld both by the Ethiopian constitution and international law. The most fundamental tenet of these entitlements is the right to choose their own leaders. Furthermore, Premier Abiy has promised to all peoples in Ethiopia to respect their democratic rights and open the political space.
ONLF calls for both the ruling party and the federal government to respect the wishes and dignity of the Somali people and desist from any acts that could jeopardise the stability and the wellbeing of the Somali regional state and the people.
Any political differences shall be resolved in a transparent manners where all stakeholders are consulted.
ONLF is committed to peace and democratic governance in the Somali state and Ethiopia in general and calls upon all stakeholders to adhere to the same principles.
Finally, ONLF calls upon the ruling party in the Somali state to resolve any difference internally in an amicable and transparent manner.

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