Breaking UK parliament rejects May’s Brexit deal

UK parliament overwhelming rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal https:
UK parliament overwhelming rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal https:

Prime Minister Theresa May delivered a crushing defeat despite last-ditch effort to rally support from parliament.

Members of the UK parliament voted against Theresa May’s Brexit agreement on Tuesday, complicating UK’s departure from the European Union on March 29.
The vote plunges the already divived country deeper into turmoil as it tries to solve several key issues in the Brexit process.
Parliament members voted 432 to 202 to reject the deal.
In her final plea to the parliament, May said that a vote against the deal “is nothing more than uncertainty, division and the very real risk of ‘No Deal’ or ‘No Brexit’ at all.”
“We can choose unity over division,” she said.
“I believe that we have a duty to deliver on that referendum vote. And to do so in a way that protects people’s jobs, and protects our security, and protects our union.”
With MPs disagreeing with the deal, the country could face a so-called “no deal” Brexit that critics claim will be economically disastrous, or a second referendum on the deal or even whether to remain in the EU after all.
May, who now has three days to bring a revised plan back to parliament, will now most likely seek concessions from the EU, then put her deal to parliament a second time.
However, the EU has said it will not negotiate the deal again.
Tuesday’s vote was initially scheduled to be held on December 11 but was postponed by May when it became clear she faced certain defeat.


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