Somaliland: Gollis University Lasanod Graduates 43 Students

Horndiplomat-At a graduation ceremony held at  Gollis University Lasanod campus Professor Yusuf Aflahaar,  congratulated new graduates for attaining their  higher education goals. A career educationist, Professor Yusuf Aflahaar commended efforts to increase educational opportunities for local students aspiring to proceed to tertiary education.
” As the Dean of Religion Studies Department said  43  students have graduated from the department this year. Only one woman is among the this graduating batch of students. It shows a few women are going to university. It looks like we have gone back to an old regressive tradition of not educating girls. It is said a person who educates woman is like a person who educates the whole society. We have to work hard to educate girls”  said Professor Yusuf, the Rector of Gollis University Lasanod branch.
The Rector of Gollis  University Lasanod Branch has touched on educational inequality caused by lack of regulation and government supervision.  ” We divide universities    into public and private. There are three universities – Nugaal, Gollis and Ilays – in Lasanod.  The Ministry of Education does not appoint or replace university rectors. Rectors are accountable to a board of management. While all universities are private, the government gave some universities properties; some universities have had their premises and classes built for them with government money.  All primary secondary schools and universities are fee-based. Even the government subsidises the budget of universities for which it had built premises; teachers of some universities and schools receive salaries from the government whereas others do not. In such a situation one expects universities and schools to reduce fees” Professor Yusuf said.
Professor Yusuf drew on his education career to reflect on the quality of education in the country and suggested a way to improve it. “Let us start to improve the quality of the education at the primary level.   I remember I used to teach remedial classes for students who had fallen behind in the pre-university education. ” said Professor Yusuf. Professor Yusuf pointed to a disparity in teacher compensation at private and government schools. “If a teacher at a private school receives US$ 600 for a monthly salary compared to   US$100 paid to a teacher at a government school,  quality at private schools will surpass  the quality at government schools.”

Five years ago Gollis University opened its branch in Lasanod. It is viewed by many as the most sought after seat of higher education learning in Sool.  Gollis University headquarters is located in Hargeisa.

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