Somalia’s Foreign Minister says “The government’s decision on Haysom is final”

Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad speaks during an interview with Reuters in Mogadishu, Somalia April 20, 2018 REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Horndiplomat-On January 1, Somalia has expelled the UN’s top envoy, Nicholas Haysom, accusing him of “shaming” the world body by acting like the country’s ruler.
The Somalia Foreign minister Ahmed Isse Awad told BBC Africa said the UN envoy was “no longer welcome” in the country.

“Mr Haysom has violated diplomatic rules, and acted as though he is the head or the ruler of Somalia. His conduct has violated the sovereignty and independence of Somalia,” he told BBC Somali Service.

When asked by the BBC if there was any room for negotiation with UNSOM about the expulsion of the envoy, Somalia’s foreign minister, Ahmed Isse Awad said that the government decision on UNSOM Chief was final adding that the Federal Government has tolerated enough and that Haysom could no longer work in Somalia as SRSG.

Mr Haysom sent a letter to the Security Minister about the killing of protesters allied with ex-militant Islamist Mukhtar Robow.
Security forces were allegedly involved in the deaths of about 15 of the protesters and the detention of about 300 people, the UN says.
Somalia’s government is heavily dependent on foreign aid.
The UN provides training, uniforms and stipends to Federal Governo security forces, who are battling militant Islamist group al-Shabaab.

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