Eritrean Government Refutes Indian Ocean Newsletter Report

Horndiplomat- The government of Eritrea refutes the Indian Ocean Newsletter report that the Ethiopian and Eritrean Presidents had indicated to their Somali counterpart willingness to take over from AMISOM when it departs in 2021.
Following is the press release:
In its publication of 21 December, (No 1488), this month, the Indian Ocean Newsletter alleges that “the Ethiopian and Eritrean Presidents (sic?) have indicated to their Somalian counterpart… their willingness to take over from AMISOM when it departs in 2021…..Eritrea is planning to dispatch 5,000 soldiers to Somalia as soon as the first AMISOM contingents leave in February”.
This is patently false.
Moreover, this is not the first time for the ION to churn out false and unsubstantiated “news analysis” of events and trends in our region. Indeed, this has become almost its trademark.
The ION’s penchant to disseminate false information will not serve any purpose and can only corrode its reputation. In the event, we call on the ION to respect its readers and desist from spreading false news. Said press release by Eritrean Ministry of Information

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