Somalia: Southwest Liaison Office Opens in Garowe


By.Yusuf Jama ,Horndiplomat correspondent in Garowe

The Southwest State Community in Puntland launched a liaison office to deepen relations between the two federal member states. People from Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle maintain sizable presence in Puntland and have created businesses in Galkayo, Garowe,  Bosaso and other major Punland cities.

Last week the community activists from Southwest State launched on office whose main duty is to become a hub for people from the three regions .

We know that we fled our regions because of insecurity. You know Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle are the most fertile regions in Somalia but we had to flee those regions. We have to cooperate with the regional administration over security matters. We are against anyone who is out to damage security in Puntland” said Abdulatif Omar, the Coordinator for Southwest State Liaison Office in Garowe.

General Muhiyadin, the Commander of Nugaal Police,  who spoke at the ceremony said the there is a strong link between peace and development.  Both the Puntland Minster of Justice and Minister for Security were at the ceremony. They urged people to work with the office on its main duties.

Southwest Community traders contributed US45, 000 to the initiative to help families of October 14 bombing at Zope Junction in Mogadishu. In 2015 traders from Southwest State in Puntland helped Bosaso City Council to welcome Somali returnees from Yemen and resettle Yemeni refugees in Puntland.

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