Somalia Minister of Public Works resigns over the arrest of Mukhtar Robow

Public Works Minister Abdifatah Mohamed Gesey has today resigned in protest of the arrest of a former Al-Shabaab militant leader, Mukhtar Robow.
Horndiplomat-Somalia Minister for Public Works Abdifatah Ibrahim Geesey resigns over alleged federal Government interference into Southwest election proceeds and the detention of Mukhtar Robow.
On December 13, Mukhtar Robow, once al-Shabab’s spokesman, was arrested by Ethiopian troops that are part of the African Union peacekeeping forces supporting Somalia’s federal government.
Baidoa remains calm today but there is a heavy troop presence on the streets including Ethiopian soldiers according to residents. Traditional elders are expected to state their position on the situation, regional elections and the detention of Mukhtar Robow.
Three-day violent protests in Baidoa leading the death of over 15 people including a regional lawmaker.
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By:Mohamed Duale, Editor-in-Chief, Horn Diplomat

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