Ethiopian Military Court Sentences 66 Soldiers For Up To 14 Years Rigorous Imprisonment

An Ethiopian military court has sentenced 66 of the soldiers who had marched on the Prime Minister’s office last October for up to 14 years rigorous imprisonment.
A total of 200 armed soldiers went to the Prime Minister office on October 10, 2018.
Speaking to the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed said the soldier wanted to abort the reform.
Of the 200 soldier, 66 of them had received from four up to 14 years rigorous imprisonment, said Colonel Meshesha Areda, Justice Directorate Director at the Defense Force.
According to him, one solider received a 14-year rigorous imprisonment, 3 soldiers a 13-year rigorous imprisonment, 11 soldiers a-12 year rigorous imprisonment, 12 soldiers an 11 -year rigorous imprisonment, four soldiers a 10-year rigorous imprisonment, 16 soldiers from nine year to nine year and six months rigorous imprisonment.
Moreover, two soldiers faced a two-year rigorous imprisonment, 10 soldiers from seven years to seven years and six months rigorous imprisonment, five soldiers from six years to six years and eight months rigorous imprisonment and one soldier a five-year rigorous imprisonment.
Administrative measures were also taken against other soldiers, he told journalists.



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