Somalia:Lower House MPs table ”impeachment motion” against President Farmaajo

FILE PHOTO - Somalia's President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo
Horndiplomat-According to VOA Somali Service  senior producer, Harun Maruf, “ some Somali MPs say they have tabled a motion of impeachment against President Farmaajo”. MPs cited violation of the constitution and desire to unite Somalia and Ethiopia. 
MPs behind the motion will face major legal hurdles.
The Lower House ( Parliament ) and the Upper House elected the President. Without a joint motion against the President, it is likely this step will run the risk of being interpreted as a plot to destabilise the executive branch.  Some MPs oppose the economic integration initiative the Somali President signed with Ethiopia and Eritrea.
The Federal Government is grappling with institutional failures to form inclusive security forces. “How can well-meaning MPs base their motion on the lie that Farmaajo is uniting Somalia with Ethiopia?” says a Horn Diplomat political analyst. The political crisis in Mogadishu is yet another evidence that power struggle between the executive and legislative branches prolongs dependency on Amisom.

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