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Somaliland:Councillor Disputes Threaten Mayoral Replacement in Lasanod

Photo file:City of Lasanod sool region of Somaliland
( Horn Diplomat News Desk) Waddani Councillors in Lasanod City of Somaliland have accused the Mayor of the City, Abdiasis Hussein Taarwale, of blocking a Vote of No Confident against his mayoral tenure.
In a press conference held in Lasnaod, Fahima Yusuf Abdullahi, a Waddani Councillor, reiterated her call for a Vote of No confident against the mayor, who denies reports about the Waddani Councillors’ proposal to replace him . “Abdiasis Taarwale has been notorious for badmouthing his fellow Councillors and falsely accusing them of bootlegging. His diatribe is in the public domain.” Fahima told Saab TV correspondent in Lasanod. 
Fahima: Mayoral hopeful
Fahima: Mayoral hopeful
Fahima urged the mayor not to nip the Vote of No Confidence in the bud. “Failure to abide by the local government rules could result in breakdown of law and order in the city” Fahima said. 
Abdiassis Tarwale was appointed a mayor two years ago. In 2012 he survived an attempt on his life. He accused the former  Somaliland government  of releasing the suspect. Unlike governors appointed by the Interior Ministry,  a Mayor is elected by local Councilors.
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