A Stolen Manuscript Sparks a Copyright Violation Row in Somaliland


( Horn Diplomat News Desk ) The Somaliland author of a political memoirs Miyiga Ilaa Madaxtooyada ( From Bush to the Presidential Palace) said that he hadn’t authorised online distribution of a manuscript of his book. Hersi Ali  Haji Hassan, the former Somaliland Minister of the Presidency who launched his book in Hargeysa last week, had publicised the copyright violation in his Facebook account.
“The incomplete manuscript of my book in pdf format has been stolen from the printing press. I have never written a letter authorising the distribution of the manuscript online”,

Hersi wrote. This is the first copyright violation involving a book published in Somaliland. Senior Manager of Asal jet, the printer of Hersi’s book, told Eryal TV that the company bankrolled the publication of the book. “Asal jet did not release the manuscript of the book into the public. It would be tantamount to shooting ourself in the foot” Abdirisak Hassan Rakuub said. Hersi gave Horn Cable TV an interview in which he clarified statements about “stress-related” memory lapses of the former Somaliland President, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud(Silanyo), which many people interpreted as a betrayal of trust. Written as a political memoir, Hersi described his work as “a diary”.   Hersi is the leader of Waddani party.

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