Ethio-India Businesspersons Networking at Very Good Stage, Says Indian Delegation Head

Newly Introduced Projects to Enhance Ethio-India Cooperation

Ethiopia and Indian business companies networking is going on very well and at a very good stage, Indian business delegation Head Hiran said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA during the Ethio-Indian Business Forum yesterday, Jian International Trade Organization Chief Secretary and delegation head CA Satish Hiran said business companies of the countries are making very good interaction to possibly create joint ventures.

“They have very good interactions. They are doing one-to-one meeting and exchanging business cards; and also trying to understand the business requirements of Ethiopia and India,” he added.

Exploring business opportunities in Ethiopia in the areas of agriculture, textile, pharmaceuticals and others is the aim of the Indian business companies, according to the Chief Secretary.

Pharmaceuticals, textile and agro-processing seem to be more appealing to most of the Indian companies, he stated.

Nile Source Plc. Export Manager, Yeshiwas Ademe said the networking of Ethiopian and Indian business delegates helps to promote market opportunities and sharing of experiences.

According to him, Indian business companies have good experience in international markets. Hence, the networking will help Ethiopian companies to export more commodities to the international market.

He further stated that joint ventures will create fertile ground for export of semi-processed or fully processed agricultural products to European and American markets.

World Transit Plc Manager, Ahmed Hassen said networking is important for us since India is an emerging global state.

He noted that getting and sharing experience of each other is another valuable outcome which helps to develop alternative business opportunities in the respective countries.


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