Ethiopia’s Public-Private Partnership Office Announces $7bln Road, Power Projects

Ethiopia’s PPP Office Announces $7bln Road, Power Projects

Office of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) of Ethiopia today announced 7 billion US dollars worth three road and 14 power supply projects.

The power projects are a-469MW Genale Daw 5, 100MW Genale 6, 280MW Chemoga 1&2, 424MW Halele Werabe, 798MW Dabus, 125MW Gad, 125MW Dichato, 100MW Mekelle, 100MW Humera, 150MW Wolenchiti, 150MW Weranso, 125MW Metema, and 125MW Hurso.

Similarly, the three road projects are a 125km Adama-Awash, a 72km Awash-Mieso and a160km Mieso-Dire Dawa highways.

Dr Teshome Tafese, director general of the office, told FBC today that the projects will be launched this fiscal year after necessary tendering procedures are completed.


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