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Strengthening Resilience for Food Security and Nutrition in Somaliland


Horndiplomat-The Ministry of Planning and National Development of Somaliland with other technical ministries (Agriculture, Livestock, Health, Environment and Rural
Development) launched a Canadian funded program, implemented by two
Rome-based agencies, WFP (World Food Program) and FAO (Food and
Agriculture Organization).

The program aims to increase the resilience through improved food security and nutrition for populations, specially for women and children in the Burao and Odweyne Districts of Somaliland.

The launching ceremony was held in the capital of Hargeisa and attended by the Minister of Planning, Environment, Livestock, Direct Generals of Water and Health, governers of Burao and Odweyne and delegates from Canada and the other partners on Monday morning.

“The aim is; we want to ensure that the assistance we provide is going to
be earns effectively, we set this program partnering with World Food Program, the Food and Agriculture Organization and potentially UNICEF may join.

It’s a great way to address the drought issues and promote great resilience between the communities of Odweyne and Burao ” Said Marcus Davies,first secretary (political) of the High Commission of Canada .

The program will recieve CAD 15 million over five years, under the umbrella
of the Joint Resilience Action (JRA), and also targets 2700 households
(supporting 16200 people) in up to 18 villages in the districts of Burao
and Odweyne in Somaliland. Nine villages have been targeted in 2018.

By : Khadar Haibe, Communications (FAO).
Email: khadarhaibe5@gmail.com

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