Ethiopia- Eritrea peace showcases African solutions for African problems: President Mulatu Teshome

Ethio- Eritrea peace showcases African solutions for African problems: Ethiopia President Dr. Mulatu Teshome
Ethio- Eritrea peace showcases African solutions for African problems: Ethiopia President Dr. Mulatu Teshome
ADDIS ABABA- The normalization of Ethio-Eritrea diplomatic relations is exemplary to other countries in terms of solving African problems by African solutions and strengthening diplomatic ties with various countries in the domains of political, social and economic integration, President Dr. Mulatu Teshome said.
Opening the fourth year and the fifth tenure Joint Session of the House of Peoples Representatives and House of Federations yesterday, the President reiterated that the country’s recent diplomatic achievements would help to pacify the Horn region and ensure economic progress across the continent.
Appreciating Prime Minister Dr. Abiy 
Ahmed and the Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki’s role in breaking the two decade deadlock between Ethiopia and Eritrea, he said Africans need to work together to find out possible solutions for their problems apart from cooperating in various sectors to bring about improvement in the lives of Africans.
He also said easing the visa processing to all Africans, Ethiopia would make possible the cementing of people to people relations among African nations on the top of letting all Africans to visit their capital.
“The country has been working to be member of the World Trade Organization and it would continue to make it realize in the next few years.”
To this end working with business partners would help to improve economic cooperation and the recent diplomatic agreements with Middle East countries is significant , as to him.
He also said the government would work on widening the space for private investment and implementing fully free market economy.
Similarly, the government would work on strengthening country’s fiscal policy by ensuring better taxation, grant for innovation, saving culture and keeping the balance between the government income and expenditure, he stated.
The president also noted that the government would strengthen the developmental democratic system. It would also work on ensuring rule of law and unveiling the curtain between freedom and anarchism so as to safeguard the right and security of the public.

SOURCE: The Ethiopian Herald

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