Ethiopia:ONLF decided to fully support the new Somali Regional President Mustafa Omar-Statement

Horndiplomat-The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has fully supported the new Somali Regional president, Mr Mustafa Omar. Horndiplomat reports
The ONLF’s posted on their official twitter statement that supports the new president Mustafa Muhumed Omer.
“ONLF decided to fully support the new Somali Regional president, Mr Mustafa Omar. However, it wishes to express its grave concern to the Federal Government of the process of interfering in the Internal Affairs of the Somali people”
ONLF also added
“In breach of self-rule rights enshrined in the Ethiopian constitution. ONLF calls the Ethio. Federal government to desist from any further violations.”ONLF Statement
On 22 August, The executive and council members of ESPDP(Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party), as well as leaders of various clans, have unanimously decided to assign Mustafa Muhumed Omer to be the incoming acting president of the Somali regional state until elections are held in 2020.
The meeting’s unanimous decision to assign Mustafa will be a final decision that will see him assume the position as acting president, which is currently held by Ahmed Abdi Mohammed after the resignation of the embattled ex-president Abdi Illey.
Mustafa is born in 1973 in Degahbour, Somali regional state. He is a well-known critic of Abdi Illey’s iron fist in the region and the rampant abuse of human rights by the Liyu police. An economist by training, he has a Masters of Science degree in Agricultural Economics.


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