Somaliland:Sources of campaign financing in 2017 presidential election

A woman casts her vote in the presidential election in Hargeisa, in the semi-autonomous region of Somaliland, Nov. 13, 2017.

Horndiplomat-Center for policy analysis released report on Sources of campaign financing in 2017 Somaliland  presidential election.



The linkage between money and politics is a powerful one, with implications for democracy, especially in new democracies. Political parties financing laws and regulations, through which political parties and candidates for office declare their funding sources, are among the main
instruments for transparency.

The relationships between party financing and corruption are so significant that to ignore party funding is simply to open wide the donor for corruption (Okechukwu Eme, 2014).
Looking in to the case of Somaliland, one realizes that there is much that needed to be done.

In contemporary Somaliland political history, political financing is both necessity and a problem. There are no strong laws and regulations regarding the party and political financing in Somaliland.
It is obvious that some of the political parties are owned by certain clans. The patriotic or ideological values among the parties have limited value within the party. Now, Somaliland democratization process is in a crossroad, which need re-evaluation, about what is wrong and the majority weaknesses of the democratic process which is 16 years old.

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