Somaliland Youth Movement “Moving Together Wherever We Are”

Somaliland Youth Movement

Somaliland Youth Movement or SYM, in short, is a youth-led organisation, made up of a collective of UK based Somalilanders from a variety of fields who are all committed to making a difference in Somaliland.

The movement aims to support change and development in Somaliland by putting young people at the forefront of promoting Somaliland and causes central to its development. Our values are to empower Somaliland youth and young professionals in Somaliland and the Diaspora by creating awareness, supporting and encouraging the initiatives of Somalilanders.

Promoting Somaliland through a wide variety of activities and events, to actively engage with and make relationships with the rest of the world. The organisation was launched on the 23rd of February when we hosted Somaliland National Youth Day in Birmingham with special guests including Nuur Dalacaay (Somali Singer), Mo Ali (Director), Ayan Said (Miss global, Miss Africa, Miss Somaliland) Osob & Elmi(youtubers), eto and the Siciid show(British instagramers) and Somaliland Representative to the UK Ayan Mahamoud. Our first initiative as SYM is health based due to the lack of resources, facilities and basic equipment available to Somalilanders in Somaliland. Somaliland is facing a shortage of doctors, nurses and midwives.

Due to these problems, a lot of Somalilanders are forced to travel outside of Somaliland to receive medical attention. Many people cannot afford to do so. We are therefore aiming to raise £26,000 to equip doctors that graduate in Somaliland in 2018 with their own personal medical starter kits. It will go to students who graduate from Amoud, Burco and Hargeisa University. These medical starter kits give these students a kick-start in their careers and slowly bettering the lives of Somalilanders.

Youth empowerment is important to SYM. We aim to connect up the Diaspora in the UK and those that are living in Somaliland with a view to working more collaboratively together on common goals. Somaliland has lots of challenges and there are thousands of skilled Diaspora ready to support them overcome those barriers. With that said we hope to develop a sustainable programme whereby we can continue to support on another on having a positive impact.

We recognize that many Somaliland Diaspora regularly visits Somaliland, as a result, we hope to create an outreach programme whereby we can arrange activities that would give the youth relevant experience that will enhance their CV’s on their return. Additionally, we are creating projects for Somaliland Youth in the UK where they can receive support and guidance from professionals to help them with overcoming their own challenges.

There are huge issues affecting the Diaspora of which the rise in Knife Crime and related incidents like Drugs and Gangs has affected the Somaliland Diaspora. Following consultation and our wide reach in the UK, we will develop initiatives to work directly with the Diaspora youth, families and service providers to overcome the dangers and educate on the better way of living your life.

Increasing activism and participation amongst our youth is important to us. We aim to attract a diverse group of Somalilanders and encourage them to work together. We hope to create a space where they feel heard, welcomed and appreciated. We will support them in every way we can. Our ultimate goal is to represent the Somaliland Youth in the UK, and to address the problems they may have. Whilst having this in mind we aim to support the development of the youth in Somaliland.

We want to globally interconnect Somaliland youth wherever they may be. “Moving Together Wherever We Are”

By: Somaliland Youth Movement

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