Ethiopia mediates UAE and Somalia Diplomatic row


Horndiplomat.The Ethiopian government has to mediate between the United Arab Emirates and Somalia, with diplomatic disputes.

The Relations between the UAE and Somalia have been steadily declining since the latter’s decision not to cut ties with Qatar, preferring to take a neutral position in the dispute between Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

In March, Somalia banned UAE’s DP World from doing business in the country after it nullified an agreement the company had entered into with Ethiopia and Somaliland for the management of Berbera port.

On June 15, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi arrives in Addis Ababa for official talks with Dr Abiy Ahmad Ali, prime minister of Ethiopia.

Upon arrival at the Addis Ababa International Airport, the crown prince was welcomed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who then took the driver’s seat to take his guest to an IT park.

The two leaders then met at the National Palace, where they witnessed the signing of seven memorandums of understanding in the areas of the economy, culture, tourism and consular affairs (visa-free travels for diplomatic personnel).

A day after the bin Zayed’s visit to Addis-Ababa, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali visits Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, a closed source from Mogadishu confirmed Horndiplomat’s The Ethiopian PM Proposed President Farmajo to meddling the diplomatic row between UAE and Somalia.

On the other hand, Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdilahi Mohamed “Farmajo” Accepts Ethiopian Pm Abiy Ahmed’s Mediation, the reports also added the Somalia Prime minister Hassan Ali Khayre is expected to visit the United Arab Emirates for the following weeks and to meet with UAE leaders.

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By: Mohamed Duale Editor-in-Chief HornDiplomat  Tweets @MohamadDuale



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