Somalia, UN launch new policing structure to boost security


Somalia and the UN in collaboration with other international partners have unveiled a joint policing model to strengthen peace and security at national and regional levels.

The UN-backed Joint Policing Program (JPP) supports the two-tier policing structure and sets future development of strong national and state-level police services, the UN mission in Somalia (UNSOM) said in a statement.

Mohamed Duale, Somali Federal Minister of Internal Security, said the structure demonstrates the best way to coordinate policing aimed at forming an effective policing system in Somalia.

“This investment in the Somali Police is an excellent opportunity for rebuilding Somalia and the development of peace and security,” Duale said.

He said the policing programme will be introduced in five federal states, the Benadir region and the future Federal Police to support the implementation of priority police projects, as outlined in the country’s National Security Architecture.

Duale said the program is also expected to expedite the ongoing transition of security responsibilities from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) to Somalia’s security forces.

The New Policing Model which was adopted in 2016 by Somalia’s political leadership is touted as a key pillar of the country’s National Security Architecture.

“It is essential to have a police that is responsible for their actions, based on the core universal principles of legality, necessity, professionalism and responsibility,” said Gen. Bashir Mohamed, the Somali Police Force Commissioner.

The new model will oversee the procurement of equipment, recruitment and in-service training; the payment of stipends for personnel and the development of a legal framework and accountability; and construction projects for federal and state-level police agencies.

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