Somaliland Government Confirms the Livestock Export Ban to Saudi Arabia has been lifted

Somaliland has existed with de facto independence since 1991. Livestock is the lifeblood of its fragile economy and over four million animals are exported yearly, mostly to Saudi Arabia during the annual Hajj. Once purchased in Hargeisa market, the animals are trucked from the capital to the port city of Berbera. [Ashley Hamer/Al Jazeera]

The government of Somaliland has confirmed that from now henceforth livestock can be exported to Saudi Arabia. This is according to the assistant minister of livestock and fishery development Mrs. Yurub Abib Abdi. The assistant minister stated the livestock trade will continue without hitch.

Speaking to Somaliland News Agency (SOLNA) Mrs.Yurub said “The livestock export trade is back and running yesterday to ships left the Berbera International Port destined to Saudi Arabia and Gulf States. The livestock export business is hoped to pick up momentum during the Eid Adha.”

She went on to say that she hope the livestock export become a permanent endeavor for Somaliland since talks between the parties involved is ongoing.


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