Somalia’s Federal Government sides with Somaliland-Puntland Interior Minister

Puntland interior minister, Abdullahi Ali Hersi

Horndiplomat-Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland blames Somalia’s federal government for siding with Somaliland. Horndiplomat

The Puntland administration described as illegal for a one million US dollar (1Million) that federal government of Somalia assists to people’s affected a tropical cyclone and heavy rains hit in Somaliland last month.

Puntland interior minister, Abdullahi Ali Hersi, held a press conference in Garowe, says that funds encouraged Somaliland targets in Puntland.

“Puntland government confirms that money in cash the Federal Government hands over to President Muse Bihi and his administration that to encourage the difficult situations in Sool and Sanaag region, Puntland government condemned that action.’Said Puntland interior Minister

On the other hand, Puntland’s interior ministry said the federal government joining the conflict between Puntland and Somaliland.

“The federal government has joined the conflict between Puntland and Somaliland, not a neutral, they’re siding with Somaliland.”Puntland Interior Minister.

By: Chriss Downsen deputy Editor-in-Chief HornDiplomat  Tweets Chriss downsen


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