Ibrahim and Haboon lost their Families A Tropical cyclone Sagar hits Somaliland

Ibrahim and Haboon lost their Families Tropical cyclone Sagar hits Somaliland

Horndiplomat-More than 47 people were killed and dozens of others are still missing after a tropical cyclone and heavy rains hit on Somaliland in last week.

According to Somaliland Government Press Statement; more than 49 people died, 27 are missing, and other 70 are injured after heavy rains from cyclone hits in Somaliland, the rain and floods also displaced 669,000 people, while it killed 80% of the livestock and destroyed their homes.

Ibrahim and Habon Story

Ibrahim Muse Abdi is a young boy who lost his 8 family members due to the strongest storm ever recorded in the area. Both his parents and 6 siblings died.

On 23 May, Ibrahim told to the media and he says the Storms he lost all his family members

“I’ve lived in the district of Gargaara to learning School, when a tropical cyclone hit on my family’s village, that Cyclone Sagar lost my family, (Parents and Siblings)..”Said, Ibrahim.

On 24 May, The President of Somaliland Muse Bihi Abdi Visited the Cyclone-Affected areas in Awdal region, The president meets with the local community and monitors the food aid distribution and rescue operations in the area.

On 25 may, The President of Somaliland receives his office, Ibrahim Muse Abdi, a young boy lost all his family members by a tropical cyclone and heavy rains hit in Somaliland in last week.

The President promised to sponsor the life of Ibrahim Muse Abdi.”If you’re a lost all your family members, You have a country to fill that position, the government-sponsor all your life, School to University.”Said Somaliland President HE. Muse Bihi Abdi.

Meanwhile, Habon Omer Awale, aged seven, has lost all the members of her family (Her mother, father, and two brothers) to the Sagar Storm, especially in Baki, Awdal region.

Habon Still not receives any support or sponsor from the government, International or Local NGOs and Businessmen.

Somaliland declared its independence nearly three decades ago from Somalia, but despite having its own currency, parliament, military and legal system The territory has been experiencing stability and economic prosperity and has been influential in the fight against piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

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