Somaliland: The Butcher of Hargeisa Invited to Command Somalia’s Invading Army

General Mohamed Saeed Hirsi Morgan aka The Butcher of

The unresponsive attitude of International Community and Human Right Groups towards the violations and genocide in Somaliland during 1979 – 1991, has led the criminals to return the politics in Somalia. Today, the former henchmen of Siyad Barre regime control majority of the critical posts in the government of Somalia.

General Mohamed Saeed Hirsi Morgan aka The Butcher of Hargeisa due to his crimes against unarmed civilians in Somaliland is free and running for important position in Somalia including Head of Somalia’s semiautonomous region of Puntland. Although he was found guilty of killing and torturing unarmed civilians but still the man enjoys the immunity of the Somalia government.

The current President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi aka Farmajo was a senior diplomatic for Siyad Barre regime in Washington during the peak of the genocide in Somaliland (1989 – 1991) where he described the crimes as killing an armed militia, and defended the regime by misleading the international media and community over the mass-killing.  Farmajo has an objective to take revenge against the tribes who overturned his mentor and uncle (Siyad Barre aka Afweyne).

Such lack of accountability in Somalia against the human rights violators is leading the country into endless chaos and civil war, because having the same criminal who killed your people as president is not acceptable to anybody.  There are many criminals enjoying full freedom and state protection in Mogadishu, Somalia who don’t want functioning regime.

Farmajo invited Morgan along with former military generals of Siyad Barre regime to his inauguration as ‘Guest of Honor’. Morgan was nominated as the Defense Advisor to the president.

As part of Karmajo’s revenge strategy, Morgan was asked to be commander-in-chief of an army who invaded Somaliland through its border with Somalia. Morgan expressed his willingness to attack Somaliland as part of strategy with old folks.

In order to implement the strategy, Farmajo encouraged Morgan to run for the upcoming presidential nomination in Puntland, Somalia.  Somaila’s region of Puntland has border with Somaliland and claimed parts Somaliland based on tribe lines.

On 15th May 2018, an armed militia attacked Somaliland Forces in Tuko-Raq, a village on the border with Somalia. The Armed Forces of Somaliland dismissed the militia who later entered Somalia through Puntland. Suddenly, Morgan expressed his willingness to lead the attack against Somaliland and promised to people of the region of Puntland that he will destroy Somaliland by utilizing his experience in killing Somalilanders.

Puntland, Somalia claims parts of Somaliland based on tribe lines and by overlooking the colonial border between Somaliland and Somalia. African Union approved the colonial border to be official line of control between African states. Somaliland is based on colonial border that was demarcated by the European colonial powers of Britain and Italy.

Farmajo and Morgan via Puntland planned to attack Somaliland during the celebrations of Somaliland’s National Day, believing that Somaliland Armed Forces will be busy with the celebrations. That was wrong assumption and Somaliland Forces captured large number of militia and armed vehicles. The remaining of the militia seek hostage in Somalia’s Puntland.

Now, Farmajo and Morgan are busy of building tribal militia from Cadaado – Kismayo – Dhagax Buur to Garoowe, in order to take part of the planned retaliation attack on Somaliland soil.  Farmajo team are using the government soldiers against Somaliland, as the authorities in Somaliland discovered IDs that belong to the government of Somalia from the captured militia, who invaded Somaliland by the name of tribe.

The international community must ensure that funding and training to Somalia’s military not to be used against other states other than terrorists like Al-Shabab.

The first-hand reports from Mogadishu highlighted that China sent containers filled with light arms to Somalia and it was offloaded at the Mogadishu Port on 18th May 2018. These could be used against Somaliland.


By\ Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi



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