The Position of Public Administration on Good Governance: (Functions of Government Institution on Governance Context-Somaliland)

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The Position of Public Administration on Good Governance: (Functions of Government Institution on Governance Context-Somaliland)

Current Local Context Paper Somaliland




Without the role of “Public Administration” and “Governance Context” The Somaliland Government would not have been reached Good governance, unless otherwise the Government execute Public Administration Approaches (Public Institutions Performance) with applied on governance”

Citation: Abdisamad H. Mohamed, Somaliland: The Position of Public Administration on Good Governance: (Functions of Government Institution on Governance Context-Somaliland)



The Public Administration for the Contemporary Interdisciplinary Study of Social Science, in comparing the Traditional Era Mechanisms of Public Administration and Management, Public Administration is mainly deal with Public Institution/Government for both Modern and traditional Bureaucratic  Models of Administration Over the Past 20 years the Public Sectors of the western countries have undergone major changes as governments(Governance Context) try to respond to the challenges of Technological Changes, Globalization and International Competitiveness (Owner Hughes, 2003).

The Paper discusses the Position of Public administration on good governance in Somaliland intending the assessment of governance for Accountability, Transparency, Rule of Law and Accesses Participation on Public issue, the key Issue required from the government, delivery on Service to the Citizens Including Public Policies, Public Service, Citizens Priority Project (Development) and well administrative functions of Public offices. In addition to that Communication between the government and Citizens, Public Engagement, Civic Awareness and Civic Participation Projects, Ruling Regional and District Constituencies with regular, Free and Fair Election, as well Transparent of Public Expenditure and Revenue Collection to Public Financial Management(PFM) and the Supervisions for the Legislators/Parliament.

The Paper elaborates the Local Governance and Decentralized Service of Local Councils in Somaliland Intending on Public appliances with Primary Councilors Responsibilities, Decentralization[1] Policy, Constituent Outreach, Planning Development Project and Responsiveness[2] Issue to the Citizens.

The above functions are the Role of Public Administration in Modern Society on applying the Principles of governance Context to existing Strong Civil Society Organization(CSOs) [3]working with the Community development, Community Service Events(Development Project Orientations)  “Without the role of “Public Administration” and “Governance Context” The Somaliland Government would not have been reached Good governance, unless otherwise the Government execute Public Administration Approaches (Public Institutions Performance) with applied on governance”


Recently Somaliland step forward on Promote Infrastructure Development on Road Construction and Maintenance Rehabilitation of Public Offices and Government Residents, referring the concept of Public Administration on government activities this is not sort of “Public Administration Development” but related on issue of rehabilitation and Construction development, Public administration concentrated on Institution Capacity Building, Performance of Service, Strong Administrative Functions, Rule Of Law, Accountability Of Public Bureaucracy, Transparency Of Public Issue and Access Participation On Public Interest(Community Participation Events and Community Service Engagements).


“Good Governance” has broad mean than Normal Definition and Explanations, the above role of Public Administration and Governance has resulted “Good Governance”


The spectrum Position of government for the Public administration and good governance,  have put indicator measuring the level of governance and accountability- The first factor observed is the status of society for the Public Service, Institutional Capacity of Public Offices and Transparent of Public Resource- these are the indicator of Public administration that can lead a Good Governance The second factor that Public administration and governance focused is judicial system and justice Procedures – This indicator informant the level of Justice and citizens trust to judicial Procedures as the Party of their normal transaction .


The Third indicators accepts in the role of Public Administration to Good Governance are access Participation around government decision making and Participation (Women, Marginalized groups and Youth among the decision making Process ) during the administrative functions, as citizen we account the government to enforce basic aspect of governance in order to have Prosperity and good governance, unless otherwise our government concerned all these factors-it should not approved the concepts of Good Governance Recently Somaliland forward Local council elections(November, 2012) and district constituent outreach and Decentralizations, good governance as Part of this Process, The Primary objective of this issue is to have better service from district level as devolution Perspective, the Paper Consult to the Councilors to have study broadly the concept of Public Administration and Public Management to have better scenario than current situation,  and should it be implement the above role specially constituents development  initiatives The Paper recommends Somaliland government to take account the above role of Public administration which can bring good governance, The Paper reflects this points to the government in guidance of Public Administration.




  1. Public Officials and Government should have Governance Impact (Accountability, Transparency, Participation and Rule of Law), Citizen Should have equal access on Service Delivery as well as Public Executive Directors (DG)[4] use on Transparent during Public Civil Servant Employment and Regulation.


  1. Government responds Citizen Priority Development Project and decentralization Process of Somaliland Regions and district with in Equal Participations of Public Resource and its Utilizations, Government should have develop Social Regulations and domestic Laws/acts in the Society.


  1. The Paper Recommend Government Institutions should have Clear Public Policies and Administrative functions(Using Max Webber Concept of Bureaucratic Models of Administration) of their Institution for Promoting Public Service and Citizen Satisfactions; this is Party of Institutional Capacity Building, Transparent and Development Legal Framework for Government on Civil Servant Acts


  1. The Paper Recommends Public Sector Reform in both Institutional building and Employee Capacity building ( It Should have to get clear Policies based on the Qualifications and Merit of the Person), The required Policies and Law to Promote Government activities and Public Institution Policy Formulations (For Example Ministry of Education, Should have- National Education Policy) The Paper for “The Position Of Public Administration On Good Governance” 🙁 Functions Of Government Institution on Governance Context-Somaliland) This Paper of Governance Is an Academic Paper.




Abdisamad Hassan Mohamed

MPA. Public Administration, Public Policy and Governance

+252 63 4473288


[1] Policy represented local government structures, devolution, delegations and Deconcentrations

[2] Respond from the government to the demand of the People

[3] Civil Society Organizations

[4] DG, Represent Director General, Administrative Roles and  Function


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