Somaliland Parliament approved the passage of the Procurement Bill


Horndipomat-on Sunday the 6th May 2018, the Somaliland Parliament approved the passage of the Procurement Bill. This was the last remaining PFM Bill to be passed by Parliament and, with the President’s signature, will mean that all the PFM Bills will become the law of the land.

The new Procurement Act will reform the public procurement systems of Somaliland to bring them to modern national and international standards that embrace best practices whilst reducing the scope for corruption. The Bill seeks to organize public procurement management in Somaliland to ensure that it (public procurement) is not done in a discretionary manner but in a structured manner that ensures (goals) economy (value for money), efficiency, transparency, equal opportunity (to all candidates, particularly to Somaliland businesses), and professionalism.

The rules and procedures in the Bill will be applicable for use of all public funds (regardless of the source) and by all public entities that have been provided with budget and responsibility for public service delivery.

In short, the bill will ensure application of common rules/procedure and standards across all public entities, i.e. Central Government Ministries and their Departments and Agencies, Local Authorities, public institutions, public corporations and state enterprises. It will therefore be easy to compare performance of various public entities and to audits procurement transactions.

The Government of Somaliland will implement this Act as soon as possible and are looking forward to the expansion and successful continuation of PFM reforms in the Procurement Pillar of the program.

PFM Reform Coordination Unit

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