Djibouti and Somalia sign agreement on air and land transport

the Minister of Equipment and Transport, Mr. Mohamed Abdoulkader Moussa Helem on behalf of the Republic of Djibouti while Mohamed Abdillahi Salat, Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation represented the Somali government.

The States of Djibouti and Somalia have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of air and land transport. According to the Djibouti Information Agency (ADI), which relayed the news on Wednesday (May 2nd), the agreement will allow the two countries to exploit the Djibouti-Mogadishu line on the basis of reciprocity in accordance with the legislation in force.

Djibouti and Somalia have found a way to benefit not only from their historical ties but also from their integration. The two countries bordering the Horn of Africa have announced on Wednesday, May 2, an agreement on air services and cooperation in the field of land transport. According to the Djiboutian sources quoted by the ADI, by this agreement, the companies designated by the two states will be able to ” henceforth operate the Djibouti-Mogadishu line on the basis of reciprocity in accordance with the legislation in force “.

An opportunity for Air Djibouti

This line currently served daily by Turkish Airlines (Turkish national airline) and by two other private companies, Taquan Air and Flex Flight, could also see the emergence of the Djiboutian national airline, Air Djibouti, which aims to expand its activities in the region for some time now. This new agreement represents an undeniable opportunity in this direction.

Note that the MoU was signed last Monday in Djibouti by the Djibouti Minister of Equipment and Transport, Mohamed Abdoulkader Moussa Helem, and his Somali counterpart of transport and civil aviation, Mohamed Abdillahi Salat.

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SOURCE: Afrique.latribune

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