Somaliland: Government Declares to complete a census of foreign nationals working in Somaliland

Somaliland Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hinda Jama Hirsi

Horndiplomat-Somaliland Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Hinda Jama Hirsi said they have completed a census of foreign nationals in the country.

Hinda said in a statement on Tuesday that the International Labor Day celebrated on May 1, said  “The Ministry of Employment and Social Affairs, taking into consideration Somaliland citizens, We committed to implementing the President’s manifesto on a Presidential election to creates jobs and we’ve registered foreigners in the country, their jobs and their countries. “Said, Minister Hinda.

The Labor minister also added

“We have been completed  the census of foreign nationals, it’s a must to know the number of civilian employees in Somaliland, to obtain the number of workers ,  the government is looking for and cooperate with companies and businesses in Somaliland, who have been engaged in the creation of jobs, and the president’s orders to call us to care Somaliland citizens,.”

The majority of foreign nationals working for international NGOs and UN agencies, Somaliland’s National Development Program, according, unemployment among youth stands at 75 percent, which is much higher than the nation’s average of 61.5 percent in urban areas and 40.7 percent in rural and nomadic areas. Unofficial estimates show that at least 65-70 per cent of Somaliland’s 3.5 million people are under 30.

Somaliland declared its independence nearly three decades ago from Somalia, but despite having its own currency, parliament, military and legal system The territory has been experiencing stability and economic prosperity and has been influential in the fight against piracy and terrorism in the Horn of Africa.

27 years of diplomatic isolation has made it difficult for Somaliland to have access to loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


By: Mohamed Duale Editor-in-Chief   Tweets @MohamadDuale



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