Somaliland:Foreign Minister speaks on reports about Russia build military base in Zeila

Somaliland Foreign Minister Dr.Saad Ali shire Speaking at a conference in London to mark the 26th anniversary of Somaliland’s contested declaration of independence,

Horndiplomat- The government of Somaliland has commented the news about Russian government may build military base in Somaliland.

The Somaliland foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire told Geeska Afrika newspaper and stated that there was no official submission to Somaliland about military base.

“We didn’t receive any official offer of that military base and we have not met with Russian Officials , This news its absolutely a fake news.”Said Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire Somaliland foreign minister

Dr. Shire also added

“When it comes of that offer, it will be consulted and we are reviewing the benefits of that submission”Said Dr Sa’ad Shire Somaliland Foreign Minister.

Last week the  Somaliland local media and other foreign outlets reports that Russia seeks a permission to construct “a small navy and air facility, housing no more than 1,500 personnel outside the city of Zeila.” The naval facility should serve two destroyers sized ships, four frigate class ships, and two large submarine pens.

By:Mohamed Duale Chief editor of Horndiplomat Tweets @MohamadDuale


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