Somalia:Tensed Atmosphere at Somali Parliament

Lower House Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari

Horndiplomat-Somali lower House of Parliament is wrestling with politically motivated motion against its speaker, Mr Mohamed Osman Jawari.
The motion accuses the speaker of inability and power abuse, a case that speaker
Mr. Jawari, 72 Norwegian citizen of Somali origin, is in his second term of
the speakership. He belongs to Rahanwen clan of Bay and Bakol regions in South
West Somalia.
Just as its previous disputes, the current dispute is unlikely to abate. The
proponents of the motion against the speaker are so adamant on their stance which
is to unseat the speaker.
On the hand, Mr Jawari, who seemed being overwhelmed by the calls of well-
wishers, ordered to redeploy the motion against him which he dismissed before.
The motion created tensed atmosphere; the Speaker suspected the government in
exacerbating the situation. He unswervingly pointed the finger at the Prime
minister and accused him deploying troops at the House.
The people are so sceptical about the development of this event. They have
witnessed such disputes that resulted in mayhem and widespread confusion and
ended in a debacle. Every Somali government since 1991, the failure of it develops
from the parliament.
Not only the Somalis who are worried about the recent quarrel at the house of the
parliament but the internationality community also expressed shock about it and
requested the sides in the conflict to exercise restraint and respect the rule of law.
Mr. Jawari rejected an appeal from the promoters of the motion in which they
called him to step down before the motion is subjected to voting. This discloses
that the parliament house will be in one of its restive moment in the coming few

By.Abdirahman Omar Hussein

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