Somaliland Parliament votes in favor of the DP World Agreement

Somaliland Parliament Approves Naval, Air Base Deal with UAE

HARGEISA (HornDiplomat)-Somaliland parliament has unanimously approved the tripartite treaty of Berbera port for the second time within one year.This follows when Somalia’s parliament rejected the agreement yesterday and said it violates the sovereignty of Somalia.

The controversial deal was singed on 1st March by Somaliland,UAE and Ethiopia.

On an extraordinary session chaired by Bashe Farah, speaker of the lower house; the lawmakers stated that they consider Somalia’s parliament issues as an interference against the independence of Somaliland.

Abdirizak Ayanle, secretary of the house; suggested the proposal of the representatives.

“The parliament condemns the illegal and aggressive decision of Somalia’s parliament on Berbera port,” said Ayanle.

“As it performing its constitutional duties; the assembly fully supports the investment of the natural resources and the infrastructure of the country to enforce the economy, job creating and the life of Somaliland people” Ayanle added.

The argument between Somaliland and Somalia has been increasing since the deal was signed.

Look Below the Parliament Decision that supports the Tripartite deal.

BY: Khadar Haibe Horndiplomat Reporter Tweets @kadar_haibe 


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