Somaliland:Dahabshiil Group CEO calls on Somali Youth Empowerment at 1st Somaliland International Marathon Run

Dahabshiil Ceo Abdirashid Mohamd Saed Duale has Encouraged young that took part Somaliland International Marathon Run

Mr. Abdirashid Mohamed Said Dualeh, CEO of Dahabshiil Group of Companies has called on fellow businessmen, community leaders and members of the general public to lend their support and promote in the development of Somali youth athletes achieving the sports abilities and competitiveness.

The CEO of Dahabshiil Group of Companies was among the people and from many nationalities who attended the international 10km and marathon race which took place on Friday. Dahabshiil group was one of the leading sponsors of the event providing logistical and material support for the event with the aim of developing our youth capabilities to achieve outstanding results in their sporting activities.

“In Hargeisa, today and in the rest of the world, wherever young Somali youth gather for sporting events such as Football, track and field, and form of sports, it is important they should to be supported and encouraged to succeed in their sporting activities,” Mr Abdirashid said while addressing those attending the event held at the Hargeisa sports stadium.

He further lauded, all those involved in the planning and organizing the successful international event in Hargeisa and Darlington Foundation founders of future Somaliland International Marathon Run, the ministry of sports and youth affairs, the sponsors of the event and all those other organizations and persons(local and foreign)who contributed to this event.

Mr. Abdirashid, in a his blue sports suit, mingled and shared his experience with the youth who participated in the event and more importantly reiterating Dahabshiil group commitment towards elevating youth empowerment and social betterment of all citizens.

In the 42 Kilometre, David Hallard (2:55:27) was the victor while Mr. Guled Abdullahi Mahmud (3:01:45) in second place and while on the third spot was Robert Michalski(3:16:44).

On the men’s 10 thousand meters, the winner was Mr. Said Farhan Omer, 34’ 12”, 2ndplace Hamse Haybe Aden and Mahmud Ibrahim Mumin in the 3rd spot with 34’ 33’.

Ms. Vicky Burford, was the winner of Somaliland International Marathon Run women 10 thousand meters, in the second spot was Shaylene Tomarty and Fozia Ahmed Omer clinching third place.

Hon Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, the Somaliland minister of interior and Hon Boos Mire Mohamed, minister of sports and youth affairs presented the awards.

Somaliland International Marathon Run, which is expected to become a yearly event, is the first time such an international event to be held in Somali territories since 1991.

The event was largely organized by a team from Untamed Borders Ltd led by James Wilcox, including co-organizers Enda Nevin and Oliver Sills. Ahmed Salan played a leading role in bringing the event to Somaliland.


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