‘Ethiopian students can boost Ethio-Turkish relations’

'EtTurkey’s Deputy Education Minister Orhan Erdem FILE PHOTO

Students strongly support Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch

By Sadik Kedir Abdu and Munira Abdulmenan Awel


Ethiopian students are expected to serve as a bridge for strengthening Ethio-Turkish relations, Turkey’s Deputy Education Minister said Saturday.

Orhan Erdem made the remarks during the 13th annual congress of the Association of Ethiopian Students in Turkey (AEST) held at Ankara University’s Golbasi campus.

In his speech, Erdem said graduating Ethiopian students are expected to facilitate better relations between the two nations.

“You are all ambassadors of your country,” he added, emphasizing the exchange of cultural and political knowledge between the two countries.

AEST voiced its support for Turkey’s military operation in Syria’s Afrin, which is aimed at maintaining peace and stability in the area.

There are more than 350 Ethiopian students in Turkey, and AEST holds gatherings every year. The 12th annual congress was held in Bursa last year.



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