Somaliland: Citizen’s high expectations with new Government in office

Somaliland New President H.E MUSE BIHI ABDI

Following the successful transfer of power between the two presidents in Somaliland on December 13th, 2017, it is going to be the first time that Somalilanders hear from their leaders that government officials have to register their assets as well as not be involved in a participation of clan-group of meetings based on special interests.

The outcome of the first meeting of the new cabinet with the president has attracted the attention of the citizens. The president has sworn his cabinet to keep the secrets of the government and the nation so nobody will know the key decisions of the government, unlike how it was in the former Kulmiye government where citizens used to gossip ahead of an announcement.

Holding handover ceremonies to the government ministerial premises, registering all their assets, wealth and not attending the clan interest based ceremonies were the key orders given to the new cabinet in their first introductory meeting with the president.

Thus, new action point released yesterday would be instigation for Bihi’s government to act against many challenges including the combat of corruption, droughts, unemployment, and disintegration of the citizens and improving the security of the nation.


It is the government’s mandate to implement the rule of law and registering the movable and non-movable assets for all appointed and elected government heads that shows the huge need for accountability and rule of law implementation in Somaliland.

The new orders for the ministers would be an interesting example of how the new government is ready to give priority for the combat of corruption and tribalism in the country.

If accountability and the rule of law prevail, Somaliland could be able to attract more foreign direct investment that can lead a job creation and increasing revenue collection that can allow Bihi’s government to deliver better services to the Somaliland people.

Somalilanders are praising the president for his nomination of young ministers, removal of a powerful presidential ministry and not filling his cabinet with Diaspora personnel as the former Silanyo administration who had half of the cabinet to the public’s dismay.

The expectation is now high and the government should reduce unemployment, especially among young people, who are needed to diminish their attractiveness in committing crimes against the state as many youth are no gangs, robbers and involved in illegal migration in Somaliland.

By: Muse Jeeh is a Freelance writer in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

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