BREAKING Somaliland’s new President names 32-Cabinet ministers

Somaliland New President H.E Muse Behi Abdi

Somaliland New president H.E Muse Behi Abdi Names has issued a presidential decree JSL/XM/WAREEGTO/01/12/2017 appointed new Government ministers and Deputy Minister.


  1. Dr Sa’ad Ali Shire  Somaliland Foreign Minister he was also the minister of Foreign Affairs  of Silanyo’s last cabinet
  2. Yasin Mohamoud  Xiir  Somaliland Education Minister  He was the minister of interior of Silanyo’s last cabinet
  3. Dr. Hasan Ismail Yusuf Warsame Minister of Health
  4. Cawale ibrahim shirwac  Somaliland Minister of Planing
  5. Mohamed  kahin Ahmed Somaliland Minister of Interior
  6. Isseh Ahmed Abdale Somaliland Defence Minister
  7. Yusuf  Mohamed Abdi Rage  Minister of development of Finance
  8. Abdiqani Mohamoud  Aateeye Fariid Minister of Justice
  9. SH.Khalil Abdilahi Ahmed Minister for Religious Affairs
  10. Ahmed Mumin Seed Minister of agriculture
  11. Abdirashid Haji Du’ale Minister  of Public Works
  12. Yusuf Mohamoud Nour (Boos) Minister of Sports & Youth
  13. Dr. Abdiwali Sheikh Abdilahi Minister of Telecommunication and Technology
  14. Mohamoud Hasan Sacad Iidle (Saajin) Minister of Trade,Industry and Tourism
  15. Ms. Hinda Jama Hirsi Minister of  of Labor and Social Affairs
  16. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamoud Awad Minister of investment and development
  17. Hasan Mohamed Gafadhi Minister of Livestock and Fisheries
  18. Abdirahman Abdilahi Farah Diriye(Guri-garwaaqo) Minister of information and national guidance
  19. Ms. Shukri Haji Ismail Mohamoud Bandare, Minister of environment and Rural development– She has also made a comeback as she served as holding this ministerial post in Silanyo’s cabinet
  20. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore Minister of  Water Resources
  21. Jama Mohamoud Egal Minister of Energy and Mineral
  22. Abdilahi Abokor Osman Minister of Transport and Roads Development
  23. Mohame Haji Aden Elmi Minister of Constitutional Affairs

Deputy Ministers

  1. Deputy Minister of Information and National Guidance– Mohamed Muse Abees, former state minister for presidency during Silanyo’s cabinet.
  2. Deputy minister of Livestock Ministry–Ms. Yurub Abiib Abdi
  3. Deputy Finance development ministry– Mr. Mohamed Dahir
  4. Deputy Education ministry- Abdikadir Mohamoud Dhagaweyne
  5. Deputy Health Ministry–Abdinasir Omar Rooble
  6. Deputy Transport Ministry–Sahal Mohamed Jama Faarah


BY:Mohamed Duale Chief in Editor of Horndiplomat



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