Somaliland: Admas University Donated Books to Somaliland National Library

Admas University donated books to Somaliland National Library Photo by Admas University

Horndiplomat-The Somaliland national library project has begun  to develop a national library service for Somaliland to improve educational standards and act as a stimulus for cultural heritage in the country. The project proposes a national library, regional libraries and a book donation scheme to establish school libraries. Both individual and institutional partners are sought and the Finnish library association has become the first institutional partner.


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On December 4, Admas University Handing over a 500 books to Somaliland’s National Library ceremony announced for that book Donation held at the National Library Hall.

The Admas University Released Statement about that Books Donation Said “Education is a concerted effort of institutions in a society that starts from the home and pass through formal and informal systems. Admas University is pioneer private University in Somaliland established with a mission of delivering quality and affordable education to the war surviving Somaliland community. 11 years in service in Somaliland, the university has witnessed several milestones in the nation, and today’s event is most certainly a milestone in the history of education assisting institution. It is with this shared vision and mission that the university will make a donation of 500 books which shall be useful for students in any field of study. The books we are donating are diverse in field of study which ranges from Economics, English language support books, Health science, communications, general Education, Psychology and Literature including Novels and Short Stories. Once again it is our great pleasure to be part of this national treasure and would like to express our readiness to support it in all possible ways. This will not be the last but just the small beginning of our partnership. Admas university has been supporting secondary schools with books, computers and skill development trainings. As we are just days away from the official opening of the Somaliland National Library, we wish the institution future growth and success. Said Press Statement by The university Community.

Written By Mohamed Duale Editor-in-Chief of Horndiplomat @MohamadDuale 


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