Somaliland Civil society Press Statement on election campaign


Campaign implementation process for the Somaliland Presidential
Election -13 November 2017.

Horndiplomat- 30th October 2017, members of the Somaliland Civil Society Organizations have convened
half day meeting held at the Somaliland Non – State Actors Forum (SONSAF) office on 30
October 2017. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the campaign implementation process
for the presidential election, ways of preventing and stopping any inappropriate behaviors that
may weaken the smoothness of the implementation of the Somaliland presidential election
Therefore, at the end of this meeting, members of the Somaliland Civil Society Organizations
have collectively issued the following points:-
1. Political parties must respect the Code of Conduct signed by the political parties on 30th
September 2017 for the presidential election.
2. Reminds that the Code of Conduct of the political parties prohibits all inappropriate
speeches, which paragraph 6, 7 and 8 of the Article (8) of the Code of Conduct prohibits
from Candidates and officials of the parties to use for the campaign any language or act
that can create tension among the nation, such as instigating riot, making confrontation,
threatening to peace and solidarity of the nation.
3. Calling all political parties to strengthen their awareness raising for their supporters,
agents of the political parties and their officials must comply and at same time respect the
implementation and adherence of the Code of Conduct of the political parties for the
presidential election.
4. Calling media to fulfill its adherence the Code of Conduct of the media for presidential
election, which prohibits from media news outlets to broadcast false and hatred speeches,
which to prompt a division to the nation. Likewise, civil society is calling all media to
make proper editorial and censorship for their news before broadcasting.
5. Calling all supporters of the political parties to respect one another and supporters should
pursue the instructions laid down by the election campaign code of the conduct and
safeguard the peace, stability and the disciplines of the campaign.
6. Advising the NEC and the Election Discipline Committee to take immediate action for
any one breaching the Code of Conduct of the political parties for the presidential
election and Code of Conduct of the media.
Finally, the statement of the Somaliland Civil Society Organizations is to deepen peace and
stability and inform that all presidential candidates and their supporters are cautious for any
actions that can impair the unity of the Somaliland community.

Mustafe Sa’ad Dhimbil
SONSAF Chairperson

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