Somaliland:Communique of Somaliland first-ever Presidential and Vice Presidential Election Debates

Somaliland Three presidential candidates are on the stage

Horndiplomat-The Organizing group of historic Debate in Somaliland’s Presidential  and vice presidnetial Debate Inspire Group (IG) released communique about the  first ever Somaliland Presidential Election Debate (SPED) .

Inspire Group (IG) Press -Statement

The Republic of Somaliland hold its first ever Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate organized Inspire Group Africa in collaboration with Somaliland Media. The debate was participated by the Presidential candidates of the Justice and Welfare Party, UCID. Peace, Unity and Development Party, Kulmiye and the Somaliland National Party, Waddani.

These debates represent a change from politics as usual. Our goal is to help instill a ‘Debate culture’ so that all Somalilanders can learn from the candidates,
understand the importance of active political involvement, and see that each of us has a role to play in determining the course of our country’s future.

  • Our special appreciation goes to the cooperative spirit
  • displayed by the political parties and the media in helping to make these debates a reality,
  • as well as to our sponsors and our other partners in the public and private sector.

Inspire Group is a neutral and impartial. its purpose is:

  • To create an environment in which political parties and their representatives can focus on issues during a presidential election campaign.
  • To lift the level of public discussion, and to educate and inform the public about the real issues that should guide the electorate in casting its vote.

    Somaliland third vice presidential Debate

The presidential debates clearly have been a hit with the public. Nearly seven-in-ten (69%) say they have watched at least some of the televised debates between the candidates. The latest national survey by Inspire Group, conducted October. 20-22 among 1,000 adults, finds that nearly two-thirds (65%) of those who watched the debates say they have been helpful in learning about the candidates. And about half of debate watchers (51%) say they have found the debates “fun to watch.”

The organizers of the SomalilandDebates. Photo by Mustapha Saed

The Debate averaged 11.9 million total viewers for cable TV’s and it became most-viewed program telecast of all time. Additionally, according to Twitter’s stats, those 3.1 million impressions generated 92,300 clicks to our content. But Facebook, with far less impressions, generated 10 times that number of clicks to our content, about 190,000.

Somaliland debates in Twitter Reactions

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