Saudi analyst:Turkish role in Somalia is a threat to the security of the Kingdom

Turkish military officers parade during the opening ceremony of a Turkish military base in Mogadishu, Somalia September 30, 2017 © Feisal Omar / Reuters

Horndiplomat-Political and military analyst, said that the Turkish military base which was opened a few days ago in Somalia, not for training, they “represent a clear threat to Saudi and Egyptian national security as well as Sudan and Yemen”.
Last Saturday, Turkey opened a military training camp in Somalia, is the largest of its kind outside the country, with the aim of helping Somalia to rebuild his forces, according to two officials.
Said the head of the General staff of the Turkish army Khulusi Acar, during the opening: “after this rule is Turkey the largest training outside the country. We as the Government of Turkey and its army are determined to provide all necessary support and all available to us for our brothers in Somalia. ”
Meanwhile, Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khairi, the greatest obstacle to the Somali Government’s security chaos and terror to control security and stability and defeat terrorism has to be Somali army qualified this rule will enable us to achieve this goal.
In a Tweet posted via Twitter account, “said Ibrahim El pasture,” the writer in Riyadh, that Turkey has hired its historic and heritage Mogadishu soft entrance, paved for military presence before creating the rule 14 years.

The writer said that soft Turkey force in Somalia was to provide four million dollars a month to the Government, and reconstruction (Parliament building, port Mogadishu, Somali Hospital of Turkey), as well as hosting 15 thousand Somalis and Turkish schools in Somalia.

He pointed out that the real Turkey targets from behind this rule is in the geostrategic positioning too risky and influencing the political, military and economic security, and reducing the influence of Egyptian influence in the African continent.
According to the Saudi analyst, Turkey objectives also impose itself here as an influential force in the geographic area of the Red Sea and the Bab el Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Aden, specifically (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen), and marketing of military industries on the continent.
And also “recruiting presence in Somalia as a compression force on the Red Sea, and chip winner in any file with great States in the Horn of Africa. The United States, France and Britain in the Horn of Africa, both in Djibouti or Somalia or other African countries. ”

He said that these powers are watching Turkish movement in Somalia since 2003, and the impact of this move on the geo-economic interests.
And that “Turkey’s economic presence in any continent right as any country in the world, but its military presence in eastern Saudi Arabia in Qatar, (southwest) in Somalia is a threat to national security.”
As he put it, that “the establishment of military bases outside Turkey, referring to the ambitions and represent the expansive strategy of Turkey (after closing the doors of Europe) to the detriment of Arabic countries.”
The Somali leader was General Ahmed gmaali, said in a speech at the opening ceremony that “the problems experienced during the past period, the inability to equip and arm after recruits trained”, adding that “Turkish brothers provide us in this base training and armament together.”

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