Mo Farah announces he is changing his name ahead of marathon push

Mo Farah announces he is changing his name ahead of marathon push

Mo Farah has announced that he wants to be known by a different name as he embarks on his road career.

The four-time Olympic gold medallist, who brought the curtain down on his championship track career with a gold and a silver at the World Athletics Championships, wants to rebrand as he tackles marathons.

Farah, 34, now wants to be known as “Mohamed”.

“My road name is Mohamed,” he said. “I just feel like Mo is done. I need to forget about what I’ve achieved and what I’ve done.”

Farah ended his track career as one of the all-time greats, with 15 golds in major championships across the 5,000m and 10,000, but questions over links to alleged dopers clouded his final years.

At the weekend, Farah accused the press of attempting to “destroy” his legacy with questions about his coach Alberto Salazar, who has been at the centre of controversy over his practices in Nike’s training centre in Oregon.

“History doesn’t lie,” Farah said. “What I achieved over the years, people are proud of me. You can write what you like. The fact is I’ve achieved what I have from hard work and dedication. Putting my balls on the line, year after year and delivering for my country.

“It’s like a broken record, repeating myself. If I’ve crossed the line, if Alberto’s crossed the line, why bring it up year after year, making it into headlines? I’ve achieved what I have achieved – you’re trying to destroy it.”



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