Balance of Power: Qatar VS Saudi Coalitions

Dispute over Qatar news agency hack spirals with Saudi pulling Qatari troops from Yemen as diplomatic ties are severed.

By Mohamed Muse,

Mohamed Muse,






The decision which has taken by the led Saudi governments to cut ties with sister country of Qatar is categorically presenting a significant political interest. Saudi has accused Qatar that they have provides support to the extremist groups who were categorized as the enemy of human lives. This step has led what most of scholars described the ‘’Gulf Crisis’’.

Even though it’s not so easy to burden in what has went wrong so far nevertheless, in the Middle East, but scholars suggested that there could have been perceived to have only in two super powers which could be for Iraq and Iran (Sunni and Shia) for example in the past.


Iraq has been smashed after US government invaded in 2003 following the accusation that Sadam Hussein was having the nuclear weapon.  The war waged to Iraqi government has weakened the Iraq state existence as secure and independent state that can play its great role for the world politics particularly in the Middle East. After that, Saudi Arabia saw itself as major power that can play a greater role within Middle East despite challenge from Iran (great developing Shia government). Iraqi people are hoping for peace and stability for their country, however, still bloodshed is continue sectarian tension and political dispute tearing the live, why now Gulf countries to focus on Qatar who more to Muslim community in terms of given housing and live expectance, instead they did not help in terms of participating to led mediation and conflict resolution. This was highly anticipated

Iran Vs Saudi Arabia

Given the current fact, Iranian government has been continuing to strength its political influence in the Middle East and the rest of world by developing its nuclear power (Shia government). Saudi Arabia does so by using its allies and rivalries especially through US. Thus, why Qatar has become newly victim into this new world politics, it’s without doubt that Qatar has shown its encouragement in terms of economic power and stability in the Middle East. One thing is appears to be obvious, Saudi Arabia could believe that the Qadar government is likely challenging Saudi with advance political development. Qadar has shown to play role in the world economic contribution through sectoral and infrastructure development and humanitarian aid.


It’s with no doubt that Qatar government hosts some of them most top influential Islamic groups like Hisbula. But this is not dictated obviously that Qatar supports extremists. Also hosts the Qatar Charity, Qatar’s largest NGO that worked extensively with the UNHCR, UNICEF, the World Food Programme, Oxfam, CARE, and USAID. Also high-profile Qatari charities that carry out life-saving work in war-torn and impoverished countries on it. These Charities have been blacklisted by Saudi Arabia and its allies but Qatar rejects the accusation. US role into this crisis is reportedly expressing a possible peaceful resolution to the crisis. But possible the idea is more beyond only that as EGYPT and Saudi Arabia are interesting to see the current regime for Qatar to be removed.

Other reports say, Qatar hosted several major talks between Americans, Taliban and the government of Afghanistan on request from US government which indicate how Qatar has an open-door policy to facilitate talks, to mediate and to bring peace which was so important in human live.

US Retiring Politics

US politics seems to be retiring at this juncture given the current circumstances which one way or another appears to be introverted. The recent visit of US president to Middle East shows withdrawing the sidetrack political power and on the other hand gives hand on decision to Saudi and its allies to cut the ties with Qataris in hurry and stepping stone pronouncement while waving one hand to the support of Qataris and at the same time stabbing at the back of it which is unfeasible. This indicate that US don’t want to play more on world politics specially in the Middle East though still it has strong position to defend American interest and its allies.

The Trump’s visit to the middle east in April 2017, is believed that it was because of to pave the way for the current gulf crisis, seemingly why Saudi have just decided to cut ties with Qataris which’s a strong government in terms of economy and humanitarian responses in which in the meantime more hastily responses the emergencies specially famine in Africa particularly to Somalia than which Saudi does. Their political forecasting both US and Saudi with its allies have seen Qadaris the only country that honestly mediate the conflicts, like Palestine’s (Hamas), and Syria (free lease of UN official that has been kidnapped), Qadar has negotiated with rebels in Syria to release which makes a successful democratic country.

Aljazeera Television and impact to the Middle East

Aljazeera, the Arabic Channel has become a key player global media by focus on Middle East issues and beyond the Middle East and its network become the leading player among global media. Its reputation for the professionalism of its coverage and for its studio discussions which raised many previously taboo issues has become incredible. Qatar government allowed this news channel to enjoying an unusual degree of editorial freedom. The approach that this channel operates and brings news information and histories which have extremely helps Qatar to demonstrate political capacity through more understandings and foreign attention to play its counterparts like Saudi and UAE. These counterparts seems they do not appreciate the editoral lengthy of freedom for Aljazeera news channel by the Qatar government as it presents their human violations and abuse of power. Thus they have to react more aggressively by cutting ties, imposing restrictions, ban travel from sea, road, and air like what has happening at present time.

Gulf Crisis is moving to East Africa

Ambassadorial reports suggested on 16 June 2017, Djibouti accused neighboring Eritrea of occupying disputed territory along their border after Qatar withdrew its peacekeepers. This was following after Qatar was pulling its contingent out on June 14, days after the two East African countries sided with Saudi Arabia and its allies in their standoff with Qatar. Reports stated that Qatari peacekeepers withdrew on June 12 and 13. On the same day, there were Eritrean military movements on the mountain. But one thing is for sure, Djibouti, which is a close Western ally, hosts French and U.S. military bases and is the main route to the sea for Eritrea’s arch rival and Washington’s top regional ally for Ethiopia.


Somalia leaders indicated country’s stand to stay a neutral in the gulf crisis and called Arab countries to resolve the matters through dialogue. The position for Somali federal government to remain neutral demonstrates how its foreign policy seems getting to the right direction where Ethiopia does so in terms of remaining a neutral support of Somalia’s position. These two east African countries have straightly called for dialogue to end the break.  However, the self-declared northern Somalia region of Somaliland has shown backed to Saudi Arabia’s isolation against Qatar. Because they declared independence state from the rest of Somalia following the collapse of late military rule in 1992 where Somaliland government claimed that Somalia cannot decide on their territorial airspace and water, so they do the right to allowed/refuse where could be of a political gain.


As may scholars suggested, Qatar has commercial influence in Middle East. As intellectuals suggested GCC these sanctions against Qatar may not be affected as they got alternative routes for their sea (ports) and airspace. Anti-Qatar alliance may be expected to led in order to carry out military operations against the Qataris regime, instead they will attempt an efforts to put a political pressure to pursue exist for global completion. However, Saudi led coalition could see to face an economic impact despite security implication. Ships transporting commodities and passing through UAE (Dubai), so does with Saudi Arabia, this will also affect UK business. However, political attention to horn of Africa countries, especially Somalia which declared they are neutral will still to receive their international support through humanitarian aid particularly from Qatar and Saudi.


By Mohamed Muse,, +252 634429613

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