Danish-Somali Girls Freed From The Koran School In Somaliland

Jasmin, who grew up in Vejle, says she was chained for up to 14 days at a time while staying at the school.

Jasmin, who grew up in Vejle, says she was chained for up to 14 days at a time while staying at the school.

Two Danish-Somali girls have been freed from an extremist Muslim Koran school in Somaliland by a large police operation. Along with them were 16 other girls from the West liberated. The two Danish-Somali girls at 16 and 20 are now brought back to Denmark.

The police operation came after they managed a third Danish-Somali girl, the 18-year-old Jasmin Osman, to escape from the school and convince the authorities to take action.

– I was beaten with ropes. I was beaten with broomsticks. I have many scars. I probably have 15 scars on the body that comes from that I was beaten, says Jasmin Osman.

She is a Danish citizen and grew up in Vejle area but now living in the United States.

15 scars on the body

She can both showcase his scar and pictures of themselves in chains as evidence of how she and the other girls were mistreated the Koran school, where they learn to become better Muslims.

She says that she was six months at the madrassa, chained for periods of up to 14 days at a time before she managed to escape. Subsequently, she contacted the Danish embassy and she talked about her experiences on social media, and she finally convinced the authorities of Somaliland to intervene.

Jasmin Osman has even taken a picture showing how she was chained. Photo: TV2

At the police action was a total of 18 girls freed and the school closed.

Local anger over police action

– It’s bad to look at. It seems very inhuman to treat a child so, says Hussein Ahmed Aided who is Minister of Justice in Somaliland, the images Jasmin in chains.

The police operation has also aroused anger among the people of Somaliland. An aunt of one of the liberated Danish-Somali girls complains, in local TV that the police have freed the girl from school and sent out of the country.

– Our problem is that we do not understand why our girl has been extradited, says, aunt.

The mother tricked Jasmin

Jasmin Osman says that it was her own mother who tricked her Koranic school in Somaliland. Her parents felt she was too western in its thinking and to learn to become a better Muslim.

In July 2016 traveled Jasmin with her mother on what she thought was a holiday trip to Uganda. But the plane made a stopover in Somaliland’s capital Hargeysa, where two police officers forcibly took her from the airport to Koranic school.

Jasmin Osman was coming on holiday in Uganda when hunblev pulled off the plane in Somaliland’s capital Hargeysa of two police officers and taken to Koranic school. Photo: TV2

Can parents be punished?

At the Liberal Alliance are you outraged that the parents see it as a problem that their daughters have recorded Danish values. Therefore, we now examine whether parents can be prosecuted.

– They thought that these girls had become Danish. And that’s the distinction that we do everything possible to break down. We will not be us and them, and it makes parents when they say that one can be too Danish to be a good Muslim, says social spokesman Laura Linddahl (LA) for TV 2nd

– We have to put down to those who believe there is a contradiction between being a Muslim and being Danish.

Laura Linddahl hopes that the police are already on the case, the Court must consider whether parents can be prosecuted, she says.

– Here we are talking about, that it has detained girls. It is not legal, she says.

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