Somaliland Officially Opens First Diplomatic office in Sweden


STOCKHOLM in recognition of Somaliland would help curb migration flows to Sweden and Europe. It explains the Somaliland foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire in an interview with the News Today. We were on site when the country’s representative office was opened in Stockholm.

By:Mohamad Duale (@MohamadDuale)

Wednesday, May 17, was inaugurated in Somaliland new representative office in Stockholm. Somaliland officially belongs to Somalia but works in practice as a self-governing country with its own president and Government.
The inauguration took place almost on the anniversary on the 18th of May 1991, when Somaliland declared independence. The country stands out among its neighbors in the region, including in the sense that they had a democratic Government since independence.

Despite its stability, the country is still not recognised by the international community as an independent State. Somaliländarnas representative office in Stockholm is thus a kind of equivalent to what a consulate or an Embassy is a State recognised status as an independent.
The news today was the only Swedish media, in place of representation at Narvavägen in the Stockholm area to report on the opening ceremony. Somaliland foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire spoke about the relationship between Sweden and Somaliland as well as what the recognition could have consequences on policy in Sweden as well as in the horn of Africa.
What does the opening of representation?
“This is a very big event! We have never had an Office here before, we’ve had some reps but that is all. I hope that the inauguration could strengthen relations between Sweden and Somaliland. The Office will not only be for somaliländare here in Sweden, it will also be beneficial to the Swedish society, its Government, investors and NGOs, said Somaliland foreign minister Dr. Saad Ali Shire to News Today.
The Foreign Minister also mention tourism as something he believes can benefit from opening a representative office in Stockholm. He argues also that recognition of Somaliland would benefit both the region but also the international community.
“If you look at the current issues that face the world today maybe you could summarize it in terrorism, pirates, conflicts and mass migration. I believe Somaliland can play a role in managing all of these problems.

Pirates and terrorists are a major problem in the proximity of Somaliland. To the South is an ailing Somalia and North of the country are at some of the world’s busiest shipping routes, where, among other things, a large part of the oil is shipped to Europe. Despite this, the country has managed to hold steady against the chaos in the region.
“We haven’t had a terrorist attack in the past nine years. We have also managed to keep our ocean free from pirates, if we were to be recognized, we could do an even better job!

Somaliland foreign minister also says that recognition would help curb migration to Europe.
– And let us look at the migration! I think if we were recognized, we would be easier to attract investors and to create hope and job opportunities for young people so that they would not have to move somewhere.
So you think the migration not only from Somaliland but from the region as a whole would be curbed in order that there would be opportunities at home?
– Yes! I think we would be able to contribute to it.
What can Sweden and the Swedish Government do to help you achieve full status as an independent nation?
– Sweden can recognise Somaliland!-Sweden may also help Somaliland on their course by helping us develop our country, our infrastructure, our education and health care. All of this makes Sweden already but under the auspices of the United Nations and I think we would benefit more if it were made directly with us instead, “said Dr. Saad Ali Shire to News Today.

SOURCE:Originally for Swedish language reports nyheteridag translated by HornDiplomat

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