UAE Sents medical team in Somaliland for free medical service delivery

18 Doctors from UAE, will be coming to Somaliland for free medical services delivery -
Horndiplomat- The government of the united arab emirates sents to Somaliland 18 doctors and nurses that implemented for free medical service delivery over droughts affect people in  Somaliland .
The somaliland mission in UAE Said the press statement the Emirites medical team arrives in Somaliland on Thursday “The Somaliland Mission in UAE informed with the  People’s of Somaliland Medical team from UAE’s Zayed Giving Medical Initiative,  arrives in the country on Thursday 27th April.’’Said the Mission Press-Statement.
The Somaliland mission in UAE also informed the people of Somaliland “That Medical team  is a 18 Doctors and Nurses , the group during their joining in the country operations to enforce a variety of health facilities will keep the country, We also informed the people of Somaliland that they welcomes the Medical Team that from our brothehood UAE.’’
The Somaliland mission also acknowledged the role of media for the Droughts in the country “This results Possible for the Media efforts after they reports realities on the ground of our people’s that affect droughts and facing serious Lack of health supports .”
The UAE medical operations that implements charity organisation, Zayed Giving Initiative also cooperated with Minister of Health of the United Arab Emirates .
Meanwhile last month the Global trade enabler DP World is delivering over 4.5 million litres of water to people living in villages in the Sahil region of Somaliland. The water will be distributed in 410 tankers, carrying 11,000 litres each.
The drought situation in Somaliland continues to get worse following consequent poor rainy seasons. There are growing fears that the country could face a famine, which would have devastating impact on the population.
The Government of Somaliland last month say at least 80 percent of the region’s livestock have died due to the crippling drought that has also killed dozens of people and forced thousands into displaced persons camps.
Written By:Mohamed Duale, Editing by Chriss downsen


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