Somaliland:Telesom company offered monthly award 89 winner customers (Photos)

telesom company awards customers
By:Mohamed Duale
Hargeisa- Telesom company has awarded its customers monthly prizes which are incentives for their ardent loyalty for the trust they have bestowed on the company’s services. These awards are the second  time for 2017. The company issued various gifts to eightynine customers who were invited at a well attended ceremony on Sunday   held at Company’s Headquarter in Hargeisa.
Telesom company Provides customers , cooktops,Refrigerators,LPG Gas,Smartphone Mobiles,Tablets,Quraan Pen, Mifi internet Rooter and other gifts.The High organised Ceremony attended by the company’s officials and clients Wone to the awards from Marodijeh Region.
First to speak at the monthly award ceremony was Telesom’s head  of sales department Mr.Abdirahman Ismael Adam (Aar) who revealed the criterion information the company used to award different prizes to its loyal customers these are his words “today we are gathered here to thank our loyal customers for their ardent support and loyalty towards our company to awarded 89 part of the customers uses the Both programs, Aqoonmaal and Data Mobile internet service “
The company’s Deputy sales manager Mr.Ahmed Sheikh Speaks to the ceremony that rewards the Company’s Clients have indicated the company Policy with the customers.
“We dealing with our customers As they’re  A King, As you’re seen the somali people what they Believe and respect to the kings or President , As a  company’s we are Believes as you’re a King ‘ The  Company commited always to bring back rewards to their clients.” Says Mr Ahmed
Mr.Mohamed Abdi Darbo The company’s  head of public relations, which ended the ceremony that Telesom company rewards their Customers, Mr Darbo Says
“the reasons that the company’s to bring back rewards to their customers , first we Encouraged the clients and also to show the customers the company’s served with their customers, The company’s stand by to bring back The benefits to communities.”

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Telesom is the largest and the leading Telecom provider in Somaliland. It is owned by Somaliland shareholders and was founded in 2002. Telesom is also one of the biggest employers in the country. It provides a wide diverse of services including GSM, Internet, Zaad services (mobile money payments) electronic voucher, GPRS, 3Gs video conferencing system enabling thousands of business people to increase the profit’s and improve the competitiveness through Telesom’s high quality technological systems.


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