Spanish Muslim walks 9,000 km in 5 months Paris to Makkah to perform Umrah

Caption: Ishaq - Al Rai
The A Spaniard who had vowed to walk from France to Makkah to perform Umrah has left Kuwait and entered Saudi Arabia.
Ishaq has reportedly walked for more than 9,000 kilometres since he left the French capital Paris, the start of his journey, about five and a half months ago.
He said that he expected to arrive in Makkah within 50 days based on scientific calculations, Kuwaiti daily Al Rai reported on Sunday.
Ishaq said that the main challenges he had encountered were related to crossing the high mountains.
The report did not specify which countries he passed through on his journey.
At one time, he had to face a snow storm and he had to hide inside his small tent. The weather was so cold that he could not feel his hands or feet.
Ishaq budgeted 5,000 Euros for his trip (approximately 10 Euros a day) for his trip. He reportedly refused to take money from people he encountered on his journey.
In August, a Chinese Muslim arrived in Makkah after pedaling more than 8500 kilometres from his home in Xinjiang, in northwest China, to perform Hajj.
Over the years, many other similar inspiring stories have came to the fold by those who have defied odds to perform the most blessed journey of their lives. From an 105-year-old performing Hajj after saving money for 15 years to the Bosnian Muslim who walked 5700 kilometres to perform Hajj too.

Source: Gulf News


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