Dahabshiil lobbies Muslims to help starving Somalis

Dahabshiil Chief Executive Officer Abdirashid Duale with British Secretary of state for communities and local government Sajid Javid on March 28, 2017 during Muslim News Awards for excellence in London.
Africans living overseas have been challenged to assist their countrymen back on the continent facing starvation due to prolonged drought.
Dahabshiil Chief Executive Officer Abdirashid Duale, on Tuesday called on the international community to continue assisting African countries worst hit by the devastating drought.
Speaking while he attended the Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2017, to celebrate Muslim contribution to British society and recognise leading examples of good practice, excellence and future role models, Mr Duale said the drought has had far reaching consequences on the African continent.
“As we reflect on the fantastic achievements, we must not forget the situation currently affecting the communities in the Horn of Africa. The effects of a devastating drought mean that millions of people require aid,” he said.
He added: “A united effort from the international community, together with Muslims at home and abroad, to bring aid to vulnerable communities and build stability in the country is what’s needed to ensure this new chapter in Somali history is a prosperous one.”
Dahabshiil recently committed to providing $300,000 to drought response activities in the acutely affected regions of Hiiraan, Bay, Bakool and Gedo.
This is in addition to $1 million of support provided by the company over the last six months, largely to Somali-led drought relief committees on the ground.
Dahabshiil handles the majority of UK money transfers to the Horn of Africa.
Mr Duale met with Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, at the event to discuss the importance of remittances not only to communities in poorer regions but also to the diaspora communities who send money back to them.
Diaspora-remitted funding to Somalia, for example, much of which is invested, has been key to maintaining social and family ties across long distances.
Dahabshiil has supported the event for over five years and on Tuesday night, Mr Duale said he was proud to present the Al-Biruni Award for Excellence in Community Relations to winner Emdad Rahman, a dedicated community activist, involved in raising money for many charities, most notably the Whitechapel Missions.

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