Somaliland:National Electoral Commission Announces Total Results of Voter Registration Process

The National Electoral Commission Spokesman Saed Ali muse
The Somaliland’s National electoral commission announced the total Results of Vote registration Process Commenced last year in Somaliland.
The National electoral commission Officially Announces the Total number of the vote Registration Process  and The Date that Distributes the Vote Cards .
The National Electoral Commission Spokesman Saed Ali muse Says” Today’s we Announced the total results of the Registration process and also NEC informs citizens to prepare card distribution exercise which will commence on 29th April 2017 in ” Says Saed Musse
Regional Total Vote Registration Results
Marodijeh Region 312, 634
Sahil Region:: 78,842
Togdheer Region: 178,506
Sool Region :71,096
Sanag Region: 85,222
Sanag Region:: 147,031
Total Results in Somaliland : 873,331

Somaliland’s General elections were scheduled to be held in Somaliland on 27 March 2017 to elect the President and House of Representatives, but were postponed by six months due to the drought condition in the region. Incumbent President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo will not be running for a second term.
By:Mohamed Duale


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