My ex-girlfriend sent me a wedding invitation

By Eugene Mugisha

Last week, I got an invitation to an ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Taken at face value, it was a noble thing for her to do. I mean, she was being civil, we could not pretend that the two years we had spent together had not existed. But I could not be sure of her intentions, and one would forgive me for jumping to conclusions that she was being vengeful, her final vendetta. And after all this time, one would have thought she had put these things behind. Yes, we had not parted on good terms, but it had been her fault as much it had been mine. Although from her perspective, she was certain I was guilty. Me and that other girl Justine.
Things had not been going well between Sandra and me when I met Justine. She was my workmate. She had just recently transferred from another branch of the company and assigned to work with me on a project.

But soon, I found out that Justine was much more than just another girl. In a way, she was everything Sandra was, but without the mean temper. The similarity amazed me, I found it a point of great curiosity, and we constantly joked about it. Soon we started spending our time together besides work, and even started hanging out together after work.
I had told Sandra about this girl at my workplace who was very much like her, and in her dismissive way, she had not given it a second thought. On the other hand, Justine wanted to know everything about Sandra, why I was attracted to her, and why I thought they were very much alike.
It wasnot long before I found myself enjoying spending time with Justine, even more than with my Sandra. The many hours we spent at work, and away from work together did not really help.

Then one day, after one drink too many, we kissed for a few seconds. I did not feel guilty about it, it was an honest accident. I did not even want to follow through on it. We even stopped spending that much time together, because we knew it was not healthy seeing we were both in serious relationships. It did not affect our working relationship, and even our friendship. But Sandra was already on the war path. For a number of weeks, she had been going through my phone. She had seen Justine’s texts, which if taken out of context, were incriminating. And yes, she was right to accuse me of cheating on her, the only issue was that it was something that almost happened but never did, and she was too late; Justine was no longer a danger, she had even been transferred back to her branch.
So, yes I was guilty of spending that much time with another woman. I was guilty of kissing her, but I was not guilty of cheating on Sandra. My heart was pure. But she would not listen to me. She called Justine and trashed her.

Then she would not talk to me for a month. During this time, me and Justine started talking again. And again, Sandra found out. Without letting me explain, she left me. Just like that, she walked off, telling me to go and be with Justine. After a few weeks, I found out she was now dating some man I had known was on her case for a long time. Probably that is the man she is getting married to.
She had refused to talk to me ever since.
Knowing Sandra, I would never have expected her to send me an invitation. Maybe she got over it. Maybe she is just being a nice person. Maybe she wants to rub it in my face, believing me and Justine to have actually had an affair. Interestingly, me and Justine never dated. First, she was in a serious relationship and second, she reminded me way too much of Sandra.


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